Princess Aurora is the third Disney Princess, voiced by Mary Costa. Her movie is Sleeping Beauty.


Aurora is a strikingly beautiful 16 year-old girl. She has curly hair and a unique bang. Aurora longed for true love when she was a teenager. She has an opera voice and is able to dance gracefully.

Role in the filmEdit

Aurora was cursed by Maleficent the day of her christening. She was cursed to touch a spindle before the sunset of her 16th brithday and die. However, the three good fairies, Flora, Fauna, and Merryweather saved her. When Flora and Fauna bestowed upon the princess the gifts of beauty and song, Merryweather gave her the gift that true love will wake her from the eternal slumber.

Aurora was given to the three fairies to be taken care of in the forest, where Maleficent couldn't find them. She was renamed Briar Rose. After 16 years, when Aurora was in the forest, she fell in love with Prince Phillip, her fiance. But she didn't know that he was a prince. However, after her birthday, it was revealed to her that she was to marry a prince. Aurora was upset.

When Aurora went back to the castle, Maleficent found her and made her touch the spindle. She fell into a deep slumber. The three fairies then put everyone in the kingdom to sleep. Until Aurora wake, they will also wake and happily welcome Aurora back to the kingdom. However, to make her plans successful, Maleficent imprisoned Phillip, stopping him from waking Aurora. But the three fairies freed him, bestowing him a sword and a shield. Phillip battled his way through the caslte, killed Maleficent, and woke Aurora.

They lived happily ever after.


  1. I Wonder
  2. Once Upon a Dream

Once upon a timeEdit


  • She appeared less than 18 minutes in her original film.
  • Aurora's name symbolized several events in the film.