Pocahontas is the seventh Disney Princess. She voiced by Irene Bedard. Her movie is also called Pocahontas.


At the beginning of the movie she is proven to be very brave, as she is taking a possibly fatal jump off a cliff. She is the daughter of the chief and cares about nature. She has two very loyal animal friends, Meeko and Flit. She befriends John Smith and later jumps onto him to stop her father for executing him.


She has long brown hair, a tattoo on her right arm, and dark brown eyes. She has feath earrings, decorative strings in her hair, an heirloom necklace from her mother, a belt, and a skin dress.

Role in the filmEdit


  • She is the first Disney Princess to have two love interests, John Smith and John Rolfe. However, John Smith is the preferred love interest.
  • She is the only Disney Princess to be based off of a real person, although her story is extremely different from real life events.
  • Pocahontas is the only Native American princess in the official lineup.