Merida is the eleventh Disney Princess. She is voiced by Kelly MacDonald. Her movie is Brave. Her parents are Queen Elinor and King Fergus. 


Merida is the only Disney Princess to not have a love interest throughout the film. She is also the most dangerous Disney Princess (along with Mulan) as she is trained to use a sword, and is the best shot in the kingdom (DunBroch) with a bow and arrow.

Role in the filmEdit

Merida received her bow as a birthday present from her father, Fergus. She is being taught by her mother, Elinor, how to be a 'proper princess', which Merida hates. She spends a day of freedom riding, practising archery, climbing the Crone's Tooth and drinking from the Fire Falls (something apparently only the ancient kings were brave enough to do). Her mother then informs her that the first born son of clans MacGuffin, Macintosh and Dingwall will compete in the Highland Games for her hand in marriage.


  • Merida was going to be voiced by Ruth Witherspoon, but due to scheduling issues Kelly MacDonald did her voice instead
  • She was the first and only official Pixar-made Disney princess.