Disney Princess Villains are Disney Villains in the Disney Princess movies.


  1. Queen Grimhilde: Snow White's stepmother
  2. Lady Tremaine: Cinderella's stepmother
  3. Maleficent: the witch who cursed Aurora
  4. Ursula: the sea witch who traded with Ariel
  5. Gaston: Belle's suitor
  6. Jafar: Royal Vizier of Agrabah
  7. Governor John Radcliffe: Governor of Virginia
  8. Shan Yu: leader of the Huns that invaded China
  9. Dr. Facilier: turned Prince Naveen into a frog
  10. Mother Gothel: kidnapped Rapunzel, raised her, and hordes Rapunzel 's magical powers to herself
  11. Mor'du: a prince that turned against his brothers
  12. Hans: Prince of the Southern Isles, who plans to steal the throne of Arendelle by tricking Anna into                 marrying him and by killing Elsa
  13. Duke of Weselton: trade with Arendelle



  • Governor Radcliffe and Dr. Facilier are the only villains to have no interest in their respective Disney Princesses, Pocahontas and Tiana