Disney Princes are the Disney Princesses' love interest.  However, not all Disney Princesses have a male counterpart.


  1. The Prince (aka Prince Florian): Snow White's love interest
  2. Prince Charming (aka Prince Henri): Cinderella's love interest
  3. Prince Phillip: Aurora's love interest
  4. Prince Eric: Ariel's love interest
  5. The Beast (aka Prince Adam): Belle's love interest
  6. Aladdin: Jasmine's love interest
  7. John Smith: Pocahontas's first love interest
  8. General Li Shang: Fa Mulan's love interest
  9. Prince Naveen: Tiana's love interest
  10. Flynn Rider (aka Eugene Fitzherbert): Rapunzel's love interest
  11. Kristoff Bjorgman: Anna's love interest


  • John Rolfe is not considered a Disney Prince because he wasn't in the canon film. He was in the direct-to-DVD sequel.
  • The only Disney Princess to not have a prince is Merida.
  • If Elsa joins the lineup, then she will be the second Disney Princess to not have a prince.