Belle is the fifth Disney Princess.  She was orginally voiced by Paige O'Hara. Her movie is Beauty and The Beast 


Belle is the female main protagonist in Disney's "Beauty and the Beast," and it's two sequels entitled "The Enchanted Christmas" and "Belle's Magical World."  In the first film, she is believed to be around 17-18 and she lives with her father Maurice.  She is most commonly seen in merchandise with her golden dress or sometimes her blue dress with a white apron.

Role in the filmEdit

Belle is a young girl who lives with her father. Gaston is trying to get her to marry her but she doesn’t want to be married. Her father goes to get Belle a rose but doesn’t return. His horse, Phillipe returns and takes Belle to an enchanted castle. She trades places with her father and gets locked up.

Later, a talking candle lets her out. Belle and Beast, the master fall in love. Belle has to go back home to save Maurice. Gaston eventually tries to kill Beast but ends up getting killed himself. Beast becomes a prince again and Belle and Beast marry.


  • "Belle"
  • "Belle (Reprise)"


  • Belle means beautiful or beauty in french.